GTA 4 Cheats

GTA 4 Cheats 1.4

Essential cheats for Grand Theft Auto 4


  • Useful to have all cheats in one place


  • Just a list
  • Can't copy and paste codes

Not bad

GTA 4 Cheats are a collection of 16 cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV. In game, you select the cheats by entering them as a phone number on a cell that you get from completing one of Roman's mission.

Each of the GTA 4 Cheats does something different, whether it be more money, better weapons or even a little extra health for Niko when he's looking groggy. You'll also be able to access new transportation, like helicopters, boats and extra car models.

Ultimately, GTA 4 Cheats is nothing more than a list of cheats found on a variety of websites, but it's useful to have them all in one place. Really irritating, however, is that you can't use the mouse to copy the cheat codes from the software interface.

GTA 4 Cheats is a basic list of cheats that will come in handy for dedicated GTA IV players.

GTA 4 Cheats


GTA 4 Cheats 1.4

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  • Lindyle Dave Sayson

    by Lindyle Dave Sayson

    little good.
    its good but it is not thrilling but its good to a childrens.   More